Is perception reality?

I watched a cool video. So I wrote a cool answer.

Answer by Sourya Majumder:

The Anne-Sally Test

Imagine Anne and Sally are in one room. Anne has a cupcake which she places under a box and leaves the room. Now Sally is alone in the room. She removes the cupcake from under the box and places it under a basket.

When a bunch of subjects were asked where Anne would be looking for her cupcake on returning to the room, under the box or the basket, a startling discovery was made. It was found that up to the age of 4, the average subject would say that Anne would look directly under the basket.

It seemed that before the age of 4, subjects could not register the fact that there might be a certain change occurring without being perceived by Anne if it was being perceived by Sally.

In fact, humans are possibly alone in this. We are possibly the only species capable of realizing that our net sum of knowledge memorized may be different from the net sum of knowledge memorized by others. It takes 4 years for us to figure that out.

In fact, this is just a beginning. Although we slowly get used to the idea that other may know more or less than we know and then go about asking questions, reading books and on progressing in life, answering questions on Quora, we still make this mistake the moment this simple realization is blurred.

Example- In Marcus Geduld's answer to 'What is the worst argument in the world?', he mentions this thing called negation by labels. Do read it to get a real-life understanding of how we often forget that our perceptions are different from perceptions of others.

This 'perception' appears to have a term in philosophy. Its called Qualia.

Moral: My shit smells may smell great to me but be detested by you.

How do I know all this?
Simple, I saw this great video of a smart person talking with facial muscular catatonia. Here:


Is perception reality?
No. Reality is singular. Perceptions are plural.

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My God is better than Your God. An argumentative essay.

I am firmly against evolution. Do you seriously think that the universe was created on a petri dish? Like all that occupies the space-time dent was created in a fraction of a second by the universe expanding around an epicenter during the Big Bang and expanding on forever? Call me religious, but I prefer to conform to the  view that apes laid stones one after the other with Lord Ram’s name engraved on them, to create a bridge that can be compared to the creation of this world. Fuck yea.

Introducing Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology, and C-Grade TV shows is “The Destroyer”. And the C-grade TV shows in question are not even WWE.

He is like a real God. With a bazooka.

Once Lord Shiva got so tired of the dreary dead habit prevalent in the Universe that he almost started dancing rhythmically in wild rage so that another God could rebuild it from scratch. All the while looking like this:

And this isn’t even a Rajnikanth or Chuck Norris joke.

And to top it all off, he rides a snake to work. What do you drive to work bitch? A sad Honda Civic. The only other person who can match Lord Shiva in this aspect is Lord Voldemort.

Shiva can be prayed to on the move. This is in case you are not really devoted and do not have a real shrine complete with an audio system that plays spiritual hymns in the morning in your luggage, you have the flexibility to worship an ovoid piece of glossy stone. Its called a Shiva Lingam, and you can clean it with any household surface cleaning agent.

The lingam is actually a phallus. So everytime anyone prays to Lord Shiva, they are actually praying to a huge shiny dick. What could be a better way to force man’s domination over all other sexes than by making everyone pray to a black penis. Black penises rule the world. Go male chauvinism.

On a side note, it also rhymes with chewing gum, Ming’s bum and I feel so numb.

You losers would argue that there exists only one God who rests inside you, or a scientific illusion created by man to rest his faith on. That your mono-theological views are the only views that exist. Or if you are cool, that religion is a lie. Go atheism. Then here is a blowjob gesture with me pressing my tongue against my left cheek while moving my fist like i am pulling on an imaginary penis.

If you still do not agree, I will bomb up your national monuments, ugly urban architecture (yes 9/11) and random eating destinations and play One Direction at your place of worship.

Other Gods may be kind and benevolent and care for Their Followers. Shiva does too. Just that he likes them better in a state of coma. To The Heavenly father Who Dwelt in Heaven, everyone is special. Unless your God is not Shiva.

Recommended Changes in the Government Policies in Developing Third World Economies, Bitch

Recently there has been a lot of turbulence in India about the implementation of the FDI Bill by the Indian Parliament, a bill that seeks to wipe out all small-scale economic establishments that run the country and replace them with WalMart, the dream of every developing country out there. This is the first sign of progress in this primitive nation, a leap forward for humanity as a whole, prosperity issued in public interest by the UPA government- WalMart!

A gentle reminder- The Government was set up in PUBLIC INTEREST, you idiots! Circuses and zoos are always made to satisfy the community’s rational demand for entertainment. Isn’t that the purpose of the whole Constitution?

Recently, there has ALSO been a crusade against corruption which achieved an all-nation status and was about to bring about a strong call for a body that shall have the right to pick up on anybody they find corrupt-looking. But then of course the Government took preventive measures to stop such anti-nationalist movements which sought to put a hold on corruption, the largest economic sector in the country. To do so it set-up a fabled commission to look into the demands of the people. Of course it is all just imaginary, but everyone must play along, to uphold the sanctity of the Constitution and in turn, the very beliefs of the Framers of the Constitution themselves. To make it all more believable the committee has also been given a name- the Lokpal Bill Committee. Commendable efforts, we must agree.

So a great thought struck me recently, while I was busy doing other godly things that Gods generally indulge in.

It is all so simple. Like putting 2 and 2 together!

The maximum damage that a miscalculation might cause are virtually non-existent against the chances of making a miscalculation here. we all know that 2+2 is 4, or 5 or 3. Come on, I’m just 14!

Our 552 members strong, 10th standard drop-out politico will surely be able to solve it, collectively of course.

Once the economy collapses after foreign chains are admitted entry into the Indian scenario, we will have a whole generation of tax-payers who will have to sponsor scams for the government, legally, by paying their taxes because they shall surely not benefit from any tax-exemption even after they lose all their taxable income.

Because our Government believes in financial equality, as clearly stated on the first page of the Constitution after the index and ‘All contents are fictional….’ standard warning, and as interpreted by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

But till now all the bribes that we have payed have remained unaccountable. They have not been disclosed in the ‘Philanthropy’ section of our Tax forms. Any act of charity, to any Government-recognized NGO is exempted from tax payed by individuals or corporate houses.

So here’s the plan:

Give tax exemptions to bribes!

Isn’t the simplicity of the whole deal so magical. Problem gone.

Annually, most Indians above the poverty line donate a large percentage of their taxable income to Government officials and other workers directly under the Executive as an incentive to do their jobs, even after paying their salaries with their taxes.So when the money you pay in bribes is exempted from taxes, Indians do not end up paying more.

But when bribes get you exemption from taxes, YOU ARE ALSO ENCOURAGED TO PAY BRIBES! Isn’t that what the Government has been trying to make us do to support their scams. Every sustainable democracy depends on bribes for its very existence.

Everyone’s happy. Why not openly promote taxes! We’re doing just that, right?


No! The Government is encouraging citizens to pay more taxes. The more bribes you give, the lesser taxes you pay. By Law of Conservation of Black Money, the net income of the Government remains the same, even after a fall in taxable income of the general population. How noble of the  Government.

Isn’t the plan just beautiful!

This post might incite feelings of violence and communal hatred and might not be acceptable to certain sections of society. So Kapil Sibal and/or any hacker with skills required to bring down this account may choose to withdraw this post very soon. But who cares about community and communal harmony anyway, the Government is going to accept this policy very soon, with or without this post being present.
So remember, you heard it first here people, only on

500 GB…and Stuff

One fine day YOU !get off your school bus and find that two aliens come up to you. They demand for…. 500 GBs OF SPACE!  Give them 500 GB or They destroy Earth! The fate of Earth rests in YOUR hands! (actually it rests on the 500 GB but the emphasis is on YOU!)

Solution. Carry 500 GB of space with you all the time! Doesn’t that make perfect sense? Just carry 500 GB with you all the time!

 Yes Captain Obvious, I just added ‘just’ to the sentence before the sentence before that and copied it as my previous sentence. Yes, you are reading it again to check, dumbass.

[Note: This does not involve time travel, even I was confused about the quantum physics I have just made use of. Maybe I should patent it and charge other authors/bloggers/morons who make use of my logic in any thespian context like Samsung does with all their original patents, which were copied BY THEM from other patents by other real original people, making it their original patent.]

[Fingers crossed. Please don’t sue me a ‘certain greedy, multi-billion dollar, Asian, multi-national giant with no respect for people’]

[That reminds me so much of myself]

[Apart from the multi-billion dollar part]

[Hawaiian hula hoop]

Is it not too reckless to step out of one’s house without 500 GB in your pocket, or bag, or socks? There are strong chances that you might need it some day in the near future. Or future. Or at least that you will get to see some day in the future. Or that the shares you bought might finally get some profit some day in the future. Or a annoying jingle may be made with a chorus about ‘Some day in the future’!
You might be the one who gets to save Earth from being blown up into oblivion. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS: 500 GBs of space.


Stolen from ‘‘ (some blog I’ve never read but found when I googled ‘Stuff’)


[Memo to survivors: This post was written to justify the tag ‘Something totally RANDOM!’ as people have been questioning me about arbitrary the exclamation mark at the end. I hope this post this post justifies it. If you realized that this post is not even minutely related to this justification then you should start praying that for people dieing in some part of the world due to some natural disaster (humanitarian obligations,,,,on my part) to your God, or WWE legend action-figure, or whatever, based on your religious beliefs or local food habits.]

500 GB Portable Hard Drive that can save the planet!

If you don’t have an A1, Yup! You don’t have an A1 (SO WHAT!)

Ever heard about logical competitive advertising? Okay leave that, ever heard about sense? If you work for an ad agency promoting ‘Karbonn Mobile A1’ then you certainly haven’t.

Last year Apple launched that iPhone 4 commercial. Yeah, the cheesy one. A guy with a slightly-nerd voice showing nothing but a hairy white hand (low budget probably) in front of a white background such that the contrast level made the hand glow (racist Apple guys!) holding the awesome new iPhone (now suddenly low-budget becomes classy! :P) and showing some cool features it had to offer while his moronic voice guided you through the 20 seconds ad trying to shove it up your unused 30-watt, impressionable mind that Apple considers you a shitface who’s probably unemployed and leading a deprived life without the ‘All New iPhone’.

Of course, this was probably the theme they tried promote through their campaign:

Dear Viewer,

You are a social outcast because some guy’s voice is telling you that you don’t have an iPhone, which means that you don’t have an iPhone (that’s supposed to make sense?) even though you already know that by now because everyone’s talking about it and everyone also happens to be employed and can afford bottled, mineral water citing health concerns and you are expected to fall in depression ASAP because you don’t have an iPhone, although there are millions dieing in Africa and other under-developed nations because they cannot afford food and basic necessities of living but Apple being an multi-billion, evil enterprise could not care less.

P.S.: I earn more than you do.

Nice plan suckers. I did not even start writing this post about their senseless advertisement campaign; they just have so much to offer for me to tear apart.

Here is the original ad launched by Apple to promote the iPhone 4:

And here is the bomb, here is what Karbonn Mobile (check out the link to get my drift about Karbonn Mobile) came up with to launch their new Android 2.2 phone, yes a TV commercial to launch an Android 2.2 phone! :

Yes, some minor similarities right!

But wait, there’s even more!


I could not have ever imagined that Karbonn Mobile could come up with such an ad. I mean come on, they can’t even spell their name properly! Plus, who names their brand ‘Carbon’ in today’s time of eco-branding and associated nonsense?

Maybe big dogs like Microsoft or Apple’s arch rivals in the smart phone sector, Samsung could have taken a few shots at Apple, but Karbonn! Last time I checked they were still busy publicizing their phones with state-of-the-art features like ‘DUAL SPEAKERS’ and extra-long battery life.

A Chinese Cell Phone Manufacturer VS one of the Largest ‘Inc’ in Silicon Valley

I recommend ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu to Karbonn Mobile. Size matters, specially when picking up fights with ultra big MNCs.